Quantum Optics theory in Auckland is carried out under the direction of three academic staff: Prof. Howard Carmichael, Assoc. Prof. Matthew Collett and Assos. Prof. Scott Parkins.

The group includes postdocs (currently 1), and postgraduate students engaged in research for their Master’s or PhD degrees (the number in recent years between 4 and 6); this core is often supplemented by visiting international students or senior researchers.

The theory group interacts closely with three related experimental groups at the University of Auckland: the atom-trapping groups of Assoc. Prof. Rainer Leonhardt and Dr. Maarten Hoogerland, and the opto-electronics group of Dr. Lionel Watkins where there is a common interest in the application of entangled photons in metrology.

Research interests within the group are focused on fundamental aspects of quantum optics theory. Areas of active interest include: